Winter Gospel Outreach Program – Send a Bible as Your Special Gift to a Thai New Believer this Winter Season

What is Winter Outreach Program?

Winter Outreach Program is a special evangelism and outreach program usually organized toward end of each year by The Bible League Thailand (TBLT) partnering with the local Churches throughout Thailand to reach unbelievers targeting unreached places throughout the Nation.

TBLT has been serving the Lord in evangelism, discipleship and church planting with local churches throughout Thailand through Project Philip program (PP). We have assisted local churches in different regions of Thailand with ERV Bibles, Bible study materials, and Christmas boxes (previously provided by Samaritan’s Purse). The three types of tools have been proven very effective to our ministry with the local churches. As a result, tens of thousands of people have heard the Good News and thousands of people came to Christ.

Unreached People Group – Global.

According the Joshua Project , there are 17,446 People Groups making up the World population of 7,752,237,000 people.

Unreached People Group – Thailand.

Thailand is made up of 113 People Groups with the total population of 67,741,000. 78 People Groups in Thailand are considered unreached, meaning that they have not heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time in their lifetime. Almost all of these People Groups are following and practicing and devoting to Buddhism religious beliefs and traditions. Buddhism is the major religion in Thailand with its followers make up 88.4% of the total population.

Followers of other religions make up 21.6% of the country’s population. Christianity 1.3%, Ethnic Religions 3.1%, Hinduism 0.1% Islam 4.7%, Non-Religious 2.2%, and Other / Small Religions

The need to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and around Thailand still remains an unfinished task and a challenge for all the Churches and Christian Organizations and Ministries in Thailand.

The Bible League Thailand uses Winter Outreach Program as a tool and opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to targeted Unreached People group with set goals.

2020-2021 Winter Outreach program, TBLT partnered with 50 local churches in North-East ISAAN region, which makes up of 22 provinces of Thailand. We are aiming to reach 2,500 unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and expecting 1,500 people would open their hearts to receive Jesus Christ. God always surprises us so we are expecting the unexpected harvest of souls into His Kingdom in the coming outreach program.

In the previous years, TBLT usually receives Winter Outreach Christmas gift boxes through Samaritan Purse. However, due to changes in the ministry of Samaritan Purse, TBLT has not received Christmas gift boxes since 2018.

In this Winter Outreach program, TBLT extends invitation to every individual Christians, Christian families, churches, Christian ministries and organizations, and Christian business houses to send a small donation to prepare gift boxes and distribute it to each church of the 50 local Thai Churches.

The program will be between November 2020 – March 2021, i.e. 5 months.

TBLT will provide ERV Bibles and the Bible study booklets plus Children Bible study booklets.

Each church will be given 50 Christmas boxes/bags. A Christmas bag would contain the following items,

  1. an ERV Bible,
  2. a set of Bible study booklets & tracts,
  3. 2 kg of rice and
  4. a blanket.

An estimated cost for each gift box/bag is Th฿150.00. Thus, we need 2,500 bags for 50 local churches (50 bags per a local church). So, 2,500 x 150 = Th฿375,000.

Mondos Missionary Family Aims to Donate 300 Bags

In 2018-19, Winter Outreach program, Mondos Missionary family, with the support from Missions partners and individual Christian friends from Papua New Guinea and Australia, and through PNG Soul Harvest Mission Inc., have raised the cost of 200 gift bags. These gift bags sponsored three churches to host Winter Outreach program.

This year, 2020-21 Winter Outreach program, we aim to raise the amount that will meet the cost of 300 gift bags, 100 more bags to our previous target. 300 gift bags will cost Th฿45,000.00, which we are aiming to raise.

We would like to share this great opportunity to our mission partners, churches, Christian organizations and community, Christian families and individuals Christians, who would like to participate in this year’s Winter Outreach program.

How can you participate in 2020 Winter Outreach Program to reach the unreached souls in the ISAN region of Thailand? You can participate in both or one of the following ways:

  1. PRAY – You can participate by setting aside a time for a focused prayer for Winter Outreach program. The focus of your prayer is to pray to the LORD of the Harvest more harvest of souls will be done during this outreach program. Pray that the LORD will enable and empower the workers who will be going out should go in the power of The Holy Spirit into the fields.
  2. GIVE – You can invest your finance by donating cost of one gift bag into our Missions Account. Our Mission Organization, PNG Soul Harvest Mission Inc. will keep the record and transfer the fund to us in Thailand. One gift bag cost Thai฿150.00 approximately US$5.00. We will use your five US dollar to prepare a gift bag and invite an unbeliever to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ and receive a free gift bag. There is no restriction to how many gift bags you may want to donate.
  3. VISIT THAILAND – Connect with The Bible League Thailand through Paul and Nancy and visit Thailand as outreach ministry team or as individual and family and participate in the Winter Outreach Program. The Bible League Thailand is encouraging and welcoming every Christian to participate in reaching the unreached people group end of every year from November to March.

Where can you send your financial donation toward Winter Outreach program in Thailand: Below is the account details of PNG Soul Harvest Inc.

Account Number: 7009222105
Bank South Pacific Ltd

For more information, you can contact Aine Kombuk (Mr) here,

Bank of South Pacific Limited
Waigani Head Office | Section 34, Allotment 6&7, Klinki Street, Waigani Drive

T: +675 305 6210 | M: +675 721 20132 | F: +675 325 0001 | E:

If you are outside PNG and would like to participate in the Winter Program, we have created a PayPal link to send your financial gifts. Enter the link in order to complete the transaction online.

Thank you and God bless you all.


Paul and Nancy

The Bible League Thailand Foundation
81 Sukhasem Road, Patun,
Muang, Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand.
Tel. 053-409-626, 081-296-4662
Fax. 053-409-627 Website:

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